Tuesday, 27 October 2009

A little break...

I have to stop my work on DDDSample.Net for a while. I leave you with official release 0.3 and some cool goodies in trunk (first and only integration test passing!). I've temporarily switched to NetMX--my previous project, port of JMX specification to .NET. I finally got some positive feedback from my company and other people and got excited about implementing plain WCF and WS-Management interoperability features in NetMX. If I succeed, it will be one of the firts server implementations of WS-Management in .NET. Wish me luck!

PS. Some of you probably noticed that posts are in the plural form but I am the only active committer. The explanation is simple--when we started DDDSample.Net we were a group of four, but as time went by, other people found out they are to busy to contribute, so I left alone. From now on I will write in singular not to confuse you.

PS2. Although I don't have time to code, I will try to publish on DDDSample.Net blog.

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