Thursday, 22 October 2009

Version 0.3

I will start will little correction. Previous release announcement should certainly be '0.2', not '2.0'. This release is 0.3 and it contains totally different features then we planned when I was writing this post. As we stated in the release description, we manage to accomplish three tasks:
  • Add cargo delivery status to cargo aggregate
  • Add handling events (with web-based registration form)
  • Enable re-routing of misrouted cargoes
We have made a hard decision to postpone any work related to voyage aggregate and finding optimal routes for cargoes. Fake cargo routing algorithm was fixed (two minor bugs) and is working fine. Implementing voyages turned out to be just to hard, at least for now. As you could read in previous post, we wanted to implement cargo routing by the book. One of the major problems we encountered was related to so-called voyage numbers. They seem to identify two somewhat different concepts in DDDSample:
  • particular cargo vessel voyage from point A to point B starting at date T1 and ending at T2
  • cargo vessel route from point A to point B which is traversed by cargo vessels on a regular basis
Before we start implementing this voyage related areas we must refine conepts of voyage and voyage number in the context of both core DDDSample and cargo routing service.

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